Last chance to register for our Live Workshop Tomorrow on Developing an IP Portfolio & Strategy for Statups

The clock is ticking and the fates are favoring you at this very moment. We have a few seats left at the Live Workshop Tomorrow on Developing an IP Portfolio and Strategy for Startups. If you have a startup or young company and you don’t have a plan in place to protect your trademarks, patents and trade secrets, you may be just trusting the universe that no one will run with your products and your ideas and market them as their own. You don’t even want to START looking for funding if you don’t have the basics of IP underfoot. Learn how to get an IP portfolio set up to work for your through all evolution of our business from the very beginning.

In this 2 hour live workshop, Noel Gillespie, Partner at Procopio will break down how to make sure that:

  • the IP being created in the company is captured;
  • the company owns all such IP;
  • there is a plan to protect the company’s rights in the IP that will allow the company to effectively use the IP in the next stage – the Market Defense Stage; and
  • the company can successfully communicate all of this to an investor in a manner that conveys a well thought out strategy that will be effective in protecting market share and/or premium pricing.

Essential IP documents that will be discussed in detail are the:

  • NDAs – one way and mutual
  • Inventions Assignment Agreement
  • Invention Disclosure Form
  • Assignment
  • Contractor Agreement

Don’t get caught going to market without the proper protection, you’ll be sorry when you see your cubicle neighbor from our day job launching and IPO off of YOUR idea!

Don’t worry, it’s not too late, you can grab one of the last few seats here…

Go now!