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Startup Go To Market Strategy- The Re-defined GTM #1
with John Rizzo, Stanford Professor & Serial CEO

John Rizzo: CEO, Deem, Serial CEO, 7 Exits and Over 1.50M Raised

 GTM is typically described as a combination of sales and marketing. This definition is far too narrow to afford companies big and small successful guiding principles to be successful.  In this first of three sessions,  Rizzo redefined Go To Market (GTM) and sited several case study examples to illustrate old versus new styles of successfully bringing your product to market. Topics covered include: How does the leadership team create or capture demand? What is the appropriate sales model? How does leadership know if investments in GTM are providing good returns? and How do you measure the success of your overall GTM strategy?


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Roger Rappoport
LIVE in Silicon Valley

Doing a Startup Right

If you are looking to build a successful, fundable startup that is based on a sound financial model, and is ready to be pitched to investors in Silicon Valley, you won’t want to miss this workshop! In this first segment of the Startup Fundamentals series, Roger Rappoport, a partner and leader of the Emerging Growth & Technology practice at Procopio, a respected law firm in Silicon Valley, will conduct an interactive, informative session with great take away materials and actionable items.

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February 27, 2019

The NEW Go-To-Market Strategy
Workshop #3

with John Rizzo- Serial CEO, Raised $150M+ 6 Exits/IPOs

Marketing and selling must evolve in this different view of GTM - how must they? Given a wider view of GTM, how should sales and marketing be structured, measured and what roles do they plan and at what stage of company growth in the GTM process.


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March 13, 2019

Eli Mansour Licensing Series- # 3

Negotiating A Successful License

Once you’ve decided which licensing option is right for you/your company, you need to be prepared for the term sheet and license agreement negotiations which will ultimately determine the long-term outcome of the licensing deal. Understanding how to successfully negotiate terms, close the deal and maintain the licensing agreement is critical and where many licensors/licensees fall short.

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March 27, 2019

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